Thursday, July 21, 2016

A New Invention

On Thursday at Piers Park, we did fish printing with the kids. After decorating the fish with the kids' designs, it was time to get the rice paper and print out the fish. Sadly, we brought the wrong type of paper. We brought wax paper instead of rice paper. But with this little mistake, it helped turn something into a new invention. FISH PRINTING A SHIRT. What???

 That has never been done before in Save the Harbor history. Sean and I had the best idea to have the kids sign their names on the shirt that we fish printed to remember this "historic" moment. Even the staff at Piers Park Sailing Center signed the shirt because they were there to help with and witness this moment. The smiles on the kids' faces were like, "Woah, I did not know you could do that." We didn't either! It was a new experience for everyone, even staff and kids that were at Piers Park last year and came back this year. I hoped this summer was going to bring me new experiences and surprises and this activity definitely did.

  Til next time 

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