Thursday, July 21, 2016


"Bella crab"
Isn't it funny how we caught a baby flounder in the crab trap instead of a fishing rod? It was so cute and small. And quite frankly I have only seen a big flounder while doing our beautiful fish prints. That reminds me! Last Friday we had an event at Atlantic Wharf, where we enjoyed fishing, crabbing and finding the mysterious blue marbles. We also had some fabulous lunch and had UBER Ice cream. Although it was a very hot and humid day, that did not stop us from doing our activities with the kids. meanwhile the one day I'm not at the Children's Museum I heard that they caught a stripper! Man that must've been very blood rushing trying to not break the line. So proud of our crew! Last but not least meet the Bella crab as everyone said. It was small and cute as a button! I wanted to take it home but as we all know we're all catch and release. ~Isabella Perez-A.

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