Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Did you do something new?

To keep a heightened level of attentiveness and positivity here at Save the Harbor we try to live by a simple mantra: do something today that you've never done before. At the end of the day either a LHE or SHE (and occasionally Bruce) will ask what have you done that was new. For me this was going fishing with the CHV Fishing Club.

On Thursday morning we started our day off differently than we do the other days we gear up with the CHV staff. Instead of boarding the Provincetown II, we went on a voyage with Captain Charlie and former Save the Harbor Staffer Sam on The Belle. This experience was new for most of our children and for myself. The day started off really slow but with the expertise of Captain Charlie, Bruce, and Sam - its was not long before each cast landed a fish. It all happened so fast. One. Two. Three. One would think this was some form of magic or witchcraft the way flounder, black fish and other species of fish were becoming attached to our bait. The boat was filled with awe and excitement.

We are all so happy - showing off the fish we caught
Being the first, and thankfully not my last fishing trip, I can gladly say the trip was a success. We learned a ton about the fish we caught, got a few filleting lessons, and even how to understand weather forecasts as we watched beautiful Boston become hostage to the downpour of mother nature as we finished our day. It was a great day for a great day.

Peace and Blessings,


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