Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Journey with the Harbor

This week my group and I were at Blacks Creek. Today we had more kids show up to explore the harbor than we usually have. The kids wanted to get inside the water first, so we did. The kids use life jackets when out on the water. Groups of the kids worked together to catch things. So far they have gotten green crabs, shrimp, fish, minnows, snails and clams. Today the kids were excited to see everything we caught. So excited they wanted to bring their finds home to show their parents! Many of them enjoy the brackish water, especially on hot days.

After playing there we went to go do fun activities with the kids. At the field we supervise events like Kickball, Capture the Flag and Uncle Sam (which is like Sharks and Minnows). The kids love playing and being part of those activities.

After the morning at Blacks Creek we headed back to Courageous Sailing. We started off cutting the bait to small pieces. Some kids and counselors even checked the crab trap to find out we had a larger sea star and Atlantic rock crabs, plus the usual green crabs! The kids enjoy seeing the sea animals and fishing on the dock. At the end of our day for both sites none of the kids want to leave: that's how
much fun they have throughout the day.
-Edward Calderon


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