Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mason's Catch

Hi everyone!

Here at Save the Harbor Save the Bay we have been working with a very talented storyteller to improve our storytelling skills, and in hearing other people’s stories about their experiences with the harbor. So, I am going to tell you a story of how my friend Mason now has a story about the harbor to tell for himself.

It was a beautiful, sunny Wednesday afternoon at the Boston Children’s Museum. Opposite of the channel sat part of the city skyline and the Boston Tea Party Museum. A lady had rowed by on her rowboat a few times, and the cool breeze worked with the mildly hot sun to keep us at a very comfortable state.

Until then, the week had been slow as far as our fishing game was concerned. We had only pulled in a few crabs on our fishing lines. Our crew was beginning to pack up our supplies for our lunch break, when Mason and his family approached us and our fishing rods. Like any other kid that comes by, we taught him how to drop cast, and to sit, wait, and hope for the best. However, Mason did not need to wait as long as most of us before he felt a tug on the end of his line. Less than a minute had passed by when Mason realized he had something, and when he went to reel it in, he found a little fish waiting to say “Hi.”

Mason and Luke showing off Mason's catch!

This was Mason’s first fish that he caught, and now he can tell the story of how that happened right here in the Boston Harbor.

Until next time!
Jessie G.

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Unknown said...

Wow!!! That is fantastic! Learning new skills and making new friends. So glad to see you having fun on your vacation! :)