Monday, July 18, 2016

Piers Park: The Playground

There are a few unique locations at Piers Park that we use everyday for our enjoyment. In my last blog, I wrote about the lush lawn on-site and the games that we play on it. This post will be dedicated to the multifaceted playground that we use for a ton of fun activities.

The playground is colossal at Piers Park, and it has all of our conventional park needs. There are bridges and tunnels that the children climb on, monkey bars and zip lines that are overly utilized, swings, slides, and much more. I'm a fan of the swings, but the Harbor Explorers have been going crazy over the slides. Recently, they've begun creating their own water park by filling up water bottles and dumping them all over the slides. For hours, they'll take turns running to the sprinkler. filling their containers, drenching the slide, and then plunging down the slope in excitement. At this point, it's a very calculated procedure.

I think every Harbor Explorer and staff member agrees that the centerpiece of the Piers Park playground is the giant, water spewing fountain. Right smack-dab in the middle of the park there is a sprinkler that spits water all day long. Daily, our Harbor Explorers strap on their swim trunks and run through the falling water to cool off. They especially love pouring water on their friends....and counselors. It seems as though every day, one counselor is targeted and becomes the victim of massive water attacks. It's all in good fun, and every Save the Harbor staff member accepts role happily.

Jack is about to get wet!
The kids have loads of fun on the field and in the playground, but the undisputed champion of Piers Park is the dock, where the real Harbor exploration happens. In my next post, I'll mention some of the adventures that we've had by the water and what the Harbor Explorers have learned by them! The summer fun never ends at Piers Park! 


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