Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Harbor for Everyone

Hi everyone!

It has been another great week at Save the Harbor! This Saturday I had the pleasure of working alongside some of my wonderful coworkers in assisting with an event known as Soundwaves 2016! Save the Harbor Save the Bay teams up with Mass DCR and Rhythm Room Entertainment to put on this event that is a blast to all who are a part - workers and attendees alike! We boarded and left Rowes Wharf at noon, and cruised out to Spectacle Island to enjoy sunshine, waves, and some good old fashioned live blues music. The boat was full of adults with a serious appreciation for blues music, and an equal appreciation and admiration for the beautiful harbor. Some people stayed on the boat and enjoyed the live music the whole day, while others took to the island for a dip in the ocean, or a walk up the trails.

View of the boat and the skyline from the island - what a beautiful day!
While Save the Harbor's summer programs primarily focus on teaching the city's youth about the harbor and everything it can provide for them, this event showed me that the harbor is truly there for all of us to enjoy, and for the use of many different activities. Sometimes the harbor is there for a 5 year old boy visiting Boston for the first time to catch his first fish on his way into the Children's Museum. Other times, the harbor is there to facilitate a boat ride in which a 60 year old woman rocks some guitar sunglasses and a blinged-out skirt while dancing away to her favorite blues song. The harbor truly is there for each and every one of us, regardless of our hobbies and interests. I believe that every single person can find something they love about this harbor, and I am so thankful to see these experiences take place firsthand.

Until next time!
Jessie G.

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