Monday, July 25, 2016

Sand Sculpting Event

This year was my first time doing the sand sculpting event at Revere Beach. At the marvelous event we did fish printing with flounders and the kids absolutely loved it! At first the kids did not want to fish print because they thought the fish was not pleasant at all. But after the kids were shown the beautiful art, they then were convinced to do some prints. There were blue prints, green prints, multicolored prints and every color you could think of. It was great! At one point there was this little boy who had never fish printed before and could not stop saying that this was new to him. He loved it!

What is fish printing you say?  Fish printing is an activity where we paint fish with ink and then they are pressed with rice paper. Once the paper is pressed you then lift the paper and BAM!  The outline of the fish and its mirror image is then viewed on the paper.
-Isabella Perez

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