Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Games

I had so much fun today at Blacks Creek! It was one of the best days we had during the summer: We had every kid - and I really mean every single kid - smiling. One girl was so shy her first day that she didn't even talk to anyone. Now, she's so comfortable with us that she playing with with us and even inviting us to pool parties with her friends. Today we caught more than five crabs in the crab trap and they were red and green, which wasn't surprising at all because that's mostly what we catch at Blacks Creek. Yesterday we took our daily nature walk up to the field to play games, and Sedny introduced us to a new game that was called Blink Killer. In this game, one person has to blink at other people in the circle and if you get blinked at you have die very dramatically.

Another game that the kids wanted to play round after round is GAGA Ball (pictured above). GAGA ball is kind of like dodgeball but in GAGA ball you can only hit the knees and blow and you can't pick up the ball, you have to slap it with your hands. I had so much fun learning these new games and playing with the kids because it's my last week with them because I'm going on vacation. I will miss Blacks Creek!

~Daynaja D.

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