Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spectacle Island!

This week I was on all access for the first time and I got to go to Spectacle Island. At first I wasn't sure if I would like it, but so far it's been a really fun experience for me! In the morning, we usually wait for the different groups of kids to come and take group pictures and get everyone ready to hop on the boat. Once we're on the boat, the kids get so excited and start looking out to see the other islands we pass and many other cool things we see as we're on our way to Spectacle. Other kids would play cards to keep themselves entertained on the 20 minute boat ride. I had a lot of fun playing cards with this group of kids because it surprised me all the cool card games they knew and how good they were at them. A little girl sitting next to me would see me trying to learn the the card game kind of confused, and quickly offered to help me because clearly I had no idea what I was doing. Of course, they beat me in all the games including "Go Fish" which I thought I was good at, these kids were way better though. I still had a lot of fun playing and I learned a couple card game skills.

I had such a blast swimming on Spectacle. At first when I got in, the water felt ice cold, but then you get use to it pretty quickly and it felt very refreshing especially since it has been so hot out. We played "Marco-Polo" and "I spy" and many other water games that the kids really enjoyed. Many of them had already been to Spectacle before, but many also were there for the first time. It made me smile to see the kids so happy to be swimming and discovering all the cool rocks and sea glass at Spectacle. 

I can't wait to see all the cool things we will continue to discover on Spectacle!

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