Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What's New At Blacks Creek

I'm back to report to you on more fun things at my original site: Blacks Creek. We have a new guest with us, Emily, and she has been great. We've all been getting to know her and showing her how we do things and how to have so much fun at Blacks Creek. This week we had a lot of new friends joining us, and that's been really great. Kids are telling their friends, cousins and siblings to come join us for some fun at Blacks Creek!

Yesterday we had a great day because we had about 50 kids and we caught so many things. We caught over 20 hermit crabs, 15 green crabs mostly female crabs, over 30 small fish, and about 5 shrimp. That was the best we've done so far throughout the summer! Each time the kids caught something they would run over and show the blue shirts (aka Save the Harbor staff). Our touch tank was getting so full we had to let some of its inhabitants go. Other kids would build little houses for the hermit crabs close to the water. The houses were surprisingly very good and very creative but also very high up so the hermit crabs wouldn't escape. I taught the kids how to grab the green crabs the correct way so they wouldn't get pinched. We also put down a crab trap by the dock to see what we can catch for tomorrow morning. Then we'll be able to show the kids the difference between male and female crabs and teach them where the females store their eggs.

Our "silly faces" photo.

~Daynaja D.

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