Sunday, July 17, 2016

Experiencing New Things

Hey all, it's Jahari again with another exciting story for you guys. On Thursday I had a a couple very fun and new experiences: I caught a striped bass and I showed kids from The Learning Center for the Deaf how to fish!
The striped bass was really difficult for me reel in so I had someone pull in the line with his hands. I have never put up such a fight reeling in a fish like this one: the striped bass was about two feet long. We had a tank full of water but the bass didn't have enough space to swim around in it, so we only kept it out of the channel for about two minutes. A passing family helped us take the hook out of the bass's mouth, so it was not as difficult to release as the eel and the skate which took a very long time to get back in the water.

After that an hour or so went by and a really big group of kids came to the boardwalk and sat down to eat. I was looking at them and was just noticing how quiet they were. Then I saw one of the kids doing sign language with one of their chaperones. After they were done eating they came up to me and my coworkers pointing at the fishing rods, obviously asking us if they could fish. It was definitely one of the most difficult but fun experiences I have ever had. It was difficult because I didn't know any sign language but I was still managed to teach the kids how to fish. And it was fun because I have never interacted with a deaf person before. Seeing a smile on the kids' faces from us teaching them how to fish was just an absolutely amazing feeling! This was one of the most rewarding things for me that has happened so far at this job, and I hope more exciting things like this visit happen again in the future.

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