Thursday, July 21, 2016

Accomplish your mission to get a clue

Hello readers it’s Maeve here. This week at Camp Harbor view has been a little different from the past weeks. People came to the island to talk to the kids which means a little less fishing but don't worry, we still saved the harbor. On Wednesday the camp had an event called the Amazing Race and the Save the Harbor crew was a stop for the kids and this is how it went. The kids started at one station and they had to accomplish a certain “mission” in order to receive a clue as to where their next station was. When a group found us at the sea wall they had to accomplish a “mission” on the beach that we made up for them. Since we save the harbor we incorporated that into our criteria. The kids had to find a piece of wood, a piece of brick, a piece of trash, an oyster shell and a crab, living or dead. Once they found all of those items on the beach we gave them a clue and they sprinted off to their next location.

It’s really cool to see an activity like the amazing race being put together at a camp like Camp Harbor view. Anyone who goes to the island can really tell how much the organizers and counselors care about the children because they are enthusiastic about everything they do. I’ve learned that in order to keep the attention of hyper children, you have to be on the same level as them. That could mean simply giving loads of encouragement or just being excited about crabs in a trap. Kids are easy to entertain. All you have to do is act like one.

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