Thursday, July 28, 2016

Something New

Hi everyone,

Its Andrea back again. This past Monday and all the other past Mondays, I have been at Courageous Sailing center in the morning and Community Boating Sailing center in the afternoon. Every other day that I am at All Access, David Coffin always tells everyone to "do something new today that we have never done before." With that being said, when I was at Community Boating on Monday, I did something new for the first time in my three years working here. I used live worms as bait for the first time. Past years, Sam had used worms as bait but I never touched them because I was not brave enough to do so. This summer since I am the one running fishing most of the time, I got over my fear of touching the worms to use them as bait. Harry who is the Instructor for the Environmental class, is a pro when it comes to using the worms for bait.

When we first started going to Community Boating, Harry would always say that our fishing rods were not the right ones to be fishing off the river. When we were using our rods with the big hooks, we were not catching anything. So that's when Harry decided to bring in some new small fishing rods with smaller hooks and that's when we started catching some sun fish. We started catching even more sun fish when he brought in the worms and cut them in half and use them as baits. The worms seemed to attract the fishes even more because sometimes each of the kids would catch four fishes one after the other and it was amazing how every kid had the chance to catch a fish. In one day the kids caught about twenty sun fishes and most of them were blue gails and red pumpkin seed. At first I was scared of cutting the worm in half and baiting the rods with it but because Harry had to run back to the office, I was taking over so I had no choice to get over my fear. It was a great experience though and with the help of the kids, baiting the rods with the worms got easier. I am glad that I did something new for the first time in the past three years here.

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"Try doing something new that you have never done before"

- Andrea Lopes :)

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