Thursday, July 28, 2016

Courageous Sailing

This Tuesday was our last day at Courageous Sailing.Sometimes we have long days there or the days end really fast, but today the day actually ended smoothly. As Daynaja, Kent and Sedny were setting up the fishing rods, I took four kids down to the dock. Pulling up the crab track is exciting: As you're pulling it through the water you never know what might be in the trap. Me and the team caught a large starfish and giant red rock crabs. I brought them up to the other group on the pier so they could see what we caught.

The kid were so amazed to see all the sea creatures, especially when they saw the mini lobster we caught on our last day. Later on that day I started cutting up the bait for the kids. The bait looked interesting, but I wasn't able to identify what kind of fish is was. Barely anyone needed help with the rods. Most of them already knew how to cast the line and handle the reel. Still, until this day we still haven't caught anything off the rods but green crabs. The kids love it when we visit Courageous. They enjoy the variety of activities we engage them with. Sometimes when the kids are done fishing we take breaks to color sea animal coloring pages, and even educate one another with fun and interesting facts about the creatures pictured. Not only are the kids are having fun and enjoy the heat, but am as well: I enjoy sharing a piece of the wild with the kids.

-Edward Calderon

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