Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Half Way There

Hello again fellow adventurers!

It's crazy to think about, but the summer is just about half way over! With all the fun and excitement over the past few weeks, I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by. This week I spent time at both the Children's Museum and AABH on Spectacle Island.

That's my corner!
This week at the Children's Museum we had some particularly feisty crabs. With the temperatures on the rise in the city, emotions tend to flare for some city-goers, so I guess the same can be said for the crabs in the Fort Point Channel. The crabs main defence is of course it's claws, which they usually display prominently when we take them out of the trap. They usually calm down when in the touch tank, but this week they've been quick to react to our hands entering the tank, and a few unlucky staff members have felt the powerful pinch from some of these crabs. They'll even fight for position in the corners of the tank, and the extremely feisty ones we've had to put back in the water.

Today I was able to spend the day out on All Access Boston Harbor as our team traveled to Spectacle Island. With blue skies, a boat full of eager kids, and temperatures in the 90's, the scene was set for an amazing beach day! Before we jumped in the water, Myself and Abel played sports with a few groups of kids, from soccer, to frisbee, and kickball. After working up a sweat, we all hustled down the hill to the refreshing waters near the beach. Wasting no time at all thinking about how cold the water might be, I ran in as quick as possible, feeling a wave of cool refreshment wash over me as I plunged into Boston harbor. Not too many things feel as good as that on a hot summer day. However it couldn't last forever, as the day was coming to an end and we had to get back on the boat to Boston. I can't wait until the next time I get to take another trip out to the islands and jump back in.

Campers enjoying the beach!

Until next time, keep on exploring!
-Luke C.

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