Monday, July 25, 2016

Hula Hoop and Water Volleyball

Hi everyone!

First let me tell you guys that I'm honestly in love with this job. Every single day is a new adventure and new opportunities to do things I never got to do when I was growing up. Well, this week at Carson has been one of the greatest weeks ever. This week we had different organizations coming to the beach. We had one group with a couple of little girls that wanted me to teach them how to hula hoop. They are around 5-7 years old. I taught them how to hula hoop and it felt so good because they were so young and most of them did not know how to hula hoop. Knowing that I taught those that didn't know how to hula hoop before made me feel great! After they kind of learned how to do it, they wanted to do a "competition" to see who could hula hoop longer. They wanted me to participate too, so I did. I obviously made it seem like they could go longer than me, so I kept losing every time so that they could win. I wanted them to feel proud of themselves, I wanted them to have fun, and I wanted them to tell their friends how they hula hooped and they loved it.

 One of my favorite activities this week at Carson was the water volleyball. On Friday, a group of fourteen girls called "Let's Get Movin' " came in to Carson. They got the volleyball and wanted to play in the water. Well, us staff could not wait to get in the water with them as well! It was hot, almost 95 degree out, so why not? I for one enjoyed it: the water felt good. Anyways, we played water volleyball, which later turned into monkey in the middle. It was so much fun, especially with the girls because I noticed that one girl in particular looked very shy but at the end of the game she joined in and I could tell she had so much fun. They enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs. Their afternoon turned out to be a game of monkeys and chasing after the volley ball that kept going away from where we were playing because of the wind blowing it towards the ocean. We ended up losing the ball at the end of the day because it got so far away that we couldn't reach it. However, we never lost the fun!

Well, this is all for now. I hope you all are having the best time of your life like me!

Until next time,

Sedny A.

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