Thursday, July 21, 2016

Method Man

Hey guys its Jahari here again with a new blog! So this week hasn't been as exciting as last week but there is one new cool thing that I have learned about myself. I noticed that I have been getting more comfortable with the people that want to learn how to fish or look at the crabs that we catch. So whenever a kid comes by and wants to fish, I try to make them as comfortable as possible by making them laugh or making them feel good about how they are fishing. So I crack a few jokes here and there from time to time because once you make a kid laugh they get less shy and want to keep trying. And whenever they are fishing I would give them a compliment or clap for them when they cast out the line because then after that they start to feel good about their fishing and this also makes them want to fish more. These methods work because I have literally seen three kids come back just to fish which they have never done before. I know I will come up with new methods later on but for now I am pretty solid at this. I love seeing the smile on the kids face when they feel good about themselves!

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