Thursday, July 21, 2016

CBI fishing

These past two days I was at Community Boating, and besides the hot and humid weather, it was fun. We caught lots of sunfish, like Pumpkinseed sunfish, blue gill sunfish and lots more. The kids were really excited and having a good time. We started the day with an Environmental  Science class with the kids and Harry (who is part of the CBI Staff). We were talking about what is good for the harbor and the bad things that will make the harbor dirty and polluted. The kids were really engaged during the class. They kept asking lots of question and answering them as well. After the class we got ready to go fishing at the Esplanade. We used worms as bait and the fish kept "Boomin". We caught at least 20-30 fish that day. The kids were competing with each other to see who could catch the most fish. It was really fun seeing the kids enjoy themselves and learn new things at the same time.
This camper caught his 7th fish!
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