Friday, July 29, 2016

Good Catch!

Hiiiii Everyone.

I am always so exited to share with you all how amazing and smooth everything is. Its always great at Blacks Creek. We always have new things happening everyday. This week we caught the biggest crab we have ever gotten at blacks Creek, and the weirdest thing about it was that  we didn't even put any bait on the crab strap. It was pretty big, the kids all wanted to touch it and see how big it was (it doesn't look big on the picture thou).

On Thursday, we had a special friend at the Creek. Someone's dog was there and the kids took the initiative to play with it as the owner showed up. They played catch with him,trowing the ball from here to there. They all wanted to play with the dog. I am terrified of dogs but this one in particular looked very friendly. However I was distant because I get scared when I see dogs running around with a leash.( I was chased by a god when I was about 8 years old, that is why I do NOT like dogs).
We also had a very particular sand design this week. One of the kids wanted to do something different so she designed this very nice sand design that she liked very much. I did too. We honestly never get bored there because we always find new things to do and explore everyday. Therefore Blacks Creek is so special and I am deeply in love with the nature and the kids and everything surrounded by it.

Keeping you posted,


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