Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We found Ariel's little buddy!

Today was a quite exciting day at Piers Park. The morning on the dock started off the same as it usually does. The kids coming down to the dock and in such a frenzy to pull up the crab traps. As water was put into the buckets for the touch tanks, some kids were pulling up the crab traps. We caught so many Green Crabs. As Amanda and I were watching the kids having some interactions with the crabs, over on the other side of the dock, Sterling comes jogging over with excitement. As I was in the middle of telling him, "No jogging" he said, "We caught a flounder, we caught a flounder." I sprung up so fast to see if it was true or not. Oh best believe that it was so very much true. Unfortunately, we caught the flounder in the crab trap and not actually with a fishing rod. The kids were still excited about the discovery. Camila wanted to hold the flounder because she had never seen a real one before.
This is Camilla 
After the kids had their fun with the flounder, we did the most humane thing for the flounder and threw it back into its natural habitat. It was the right thing to do. Clearly, we waited for the kids to go up and have lunch before we let the fish go. They seemed to be so attached to the fish, as they all wanted to keep it as a pet. This was the second fish caught at Piers Park. The first time that a fish was caught, again in a crab trap, I was not there to experience it.

The first fish, a Tautog!
 But, I was here this time. 
Til next time

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