Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Week's Worth of Clamming and Painting at Carson

On Monday, I had my first ever fish printing experience. Lindsey brought a flounder, caught at a different site, to create the print. Making a fish print is rather easy, you simply cover the fish with the desired color you want, place a clean sheet of paper over the fish, and very lightly press the paper so all the parts of the fish are visible on the paper. We did many fish prints with the kids, and each one came out unique and different. Carson always has an opportunity to release your creative outlet. America SCORES leads activities in poetry and painting and yesterday a sand sculpture was being built on our beach. I can't wait to see how it came out!

When we are not letting our inner artist out at Carson, we are busy digging for clams. On Tuesday, we seemed to have hit the clam mother-load. It started with finding small clams and escalated into reaching down into the sand and finding huge soft-shell clams. Staff and kids alike were amazed by how many clams we were pulling up! You could not take a step without seeing the squirts of water popping out from the sand. As an added bonus, a camper found a razor clam in the water, which is always really exciting! Carson has not failed once to bring on the ocean fun!

Til next week,

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