Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tuesday at Camp Harbor View

This week so far was very unique for those of us at Camp Harbor View. Tuesday started as any other. Everything on the boat ride to the island was the same until we were informed that we were not going to be fishing in the morning today like we normally would. Instead, we would be taking kids on a hike through the woods to show them the lighthouse and abandoned fort on the island. Everything was set to go, and we were just waiting for the kids to show up when we got some interesting news. One of the staff members at the camp informed us that on the opposite end of the pier, the pier that we were supposed to be meeting kids on, was a sleeping raccoon. He also warned us that the very tired and angry animal would be running down our direction soon and to keep an eye out for it. Just as kids were arriving to the site, we saw the staff member chasing the raccoon down the pier with a broom. We had to make a quick scurry to try to get all the kids out of the way, but it all ended up alright.

The Long Island Lighthouse

At first the kids were annoyed in having to hike up a steep hill to get to the fort. They found it annoying to try to get somewhere they didn't see as fun. Once they got to the top, their attitudes completely changed. They soon discovered the vastness of the fort, with three different levels to explore. Kids had a lot of fun popping around corners and scaring each other. They were also taught the history of the fort and its relevance in the Cold War. By the end if the trip, the same kids who didn't want to go on the hike didn't want to leave.

The top and middle layers to the Fort

-Ian P.

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