Saturday, July 11, 2015

Awesome first week

This week was pretty great! Getting back into the hang of things didn't take too long and there was a different cool and funny thing that happened every day. Usually at Piers Park we only really catch green crabs but towards the end of the week we decently sized spider crab. It did creep out some of the kids so they didn't want to hold her but she did get all of the kids attention. We've caught so many that the kids started to get into the habit of naming them as well as anything else that we may catch. 

Two of my favorite things that happened this week would have to be going out on a sail boat with the kids and bringing the kids to the park after lunch. The kids have so much that they need to say even if some of what they say doesn't make the most sense it is nice to see their excitement when they are telling me a story or some facts that they know. Being on the sail boat with them gave them plenty of time to say a lot. Although we go to the park for a little over a half hour every day and most of them run through the sprinkler everyday is so different making it so much fun. Being chased by them all is pretty exhausting but its still really funny
and getting splashed is pretty refreshing after running. I cant wait to see what next week has in store for us at Piers Park.

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