Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Braveness, Exploration and a New friend

Hey everyone so this has been a great start to a second week. Like I always say I really enjoy working with all the kids. One of my most favorite things about being at the Children's museum is I always enjoy watching the little kids touch crabs or fish for the first time even though they are a bit nervous. Usually each kid will touch them as long as one of there parents touch them first, like you will usually hear or watch mommy touch it and then you can touch it.

Although yesterday I was very impressed. I got the opportunity to meet a little girl who had no fear. The first second she laid eyes on the crabs she wanted to touch them. The thing that I thought was special about her is she was the one saying to her mom: "do you want to touch them?" and her mom was the one who was a bit hesitant. If she could have, she would have played with the crabs and jellyfish for hours. That's the best part about this job is there's always going to be some one who has a story to tell, or is just being special in there own way. For example having that amazing amount of courage at such a young age is incredible.

The little boy I was fishing with last Friday, who has the fish that he calls Mr. fish, stopped by again yesterday and it was so sweet. As we were fishing another young boy came by and stood right by us and asked to fish. The really special part about that moment was that the boy from last Friday who was there yesterday said to the other boy that he wanted to teach him how to fish and I thought that was so nice. He remembered all the steps I had showed him last Friday and he showed him in the exact way just as if he were a pro fisherman but in his own way. I feel that I was able to make a difference in his life last Friday: not a huge one but one that he will remember. I realize that when you spend time with kids and actually take interest into what there interests are and what they enjoy you can develop a good relationship. That's why I will always remember that specific day as a day I made a young friend. Now to wrap things up I hope every one is enjoying there summer just as I am and like I always say I cant wait to continue with the rest of my summer and enjoy each and every second of it. Happy summer to all!

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