Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dex Andrews: Introduction

Who am I?

My name is Dexter Andrews, I was born in Boston, Massachusetts on November 19, 1996 as the second to last child out of my mother's four. Out of those 4 children, I am the only boy but along with my fathers 3 children I am the oldest boy and have an older sister. Ninety percent of my family resides in Boston, MA and has for my whole eighteen years of living. But the family roots go back to southern states such as North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. Growing up, my family and I visited the South at least twice a year and that's where I learned my sharp tactics of catching crabs, and lobsters, but none was more fun and exciting than FISHING! It was my all time favorite. 

I enjoy playing sports and hanging with my family/friends during my free time as well as writing and taking photographs. The main sport that I enjoy playing is football.  I've been playing since I was six years old. 

The first week of orientation I learned  the importance of communicating with others especially people you aren't familiar with.  It provides them with the ability to know who you are and remember you. You never know what you and another person may have in common. It was my first experience on the many of the Boston Harbor islands and I was scared of the caves and stories. However, it was a great experience overall. I learned new tactics of story telling: how to change tone and how to be brief while getting the main point across. Im looking forward to a great summer and new experiences with my 1st year in the program. 

-Dexter Andrews
Sea you on the Harbor

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