Sunday, July 5, 2015

Richard Marrero

The staff going into the dark cave.
Storyteller telling us a story.
Hi my name is Richard Marrero and this is my second year working for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.  Last year was so much fun, that I couldn't resist coming back. During the orientation we went to Georges island there we took a nice walk and went in through all the caves. It was fun trying to find your own way through the dark. It showed us what to do when we are with the kids they told us not to use our phones for light. This was because the objective was to find your way through the dark and if you were using your phone you already failed objective. It was also fun listening to how to tell stories. We had a professional storyteller come and teach us how to tell stories. It was nice knowing that everybody can tell a story. It was also fun meeting a lot of new people and also seeing the people I worked with last year. I'm glad to be a part of save the harbor save the bay staff I can't wait to get this summer started.

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