Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dorchester's Finest: Carson Beach

Yoga, to stretch out those limbs!
           Hi everyone! Carson Beach is the newest site of the Save the Harbor Save the Bay sites. It can endure blazing heat and pouring rain. In the morning America Scores, a soccer program, stays with us in the morning and we enjoy the harbor and the great sport of soccer. There are so many games and drills during the morning that there is never a resting moment and always a blast. I especially enjoyed playing games with new kids and developing my soccer skills for the next championship at my school. We meet some great kids today and their endurance despite the heat was phenomenal. One of the campers had such amazing endurance, she beat Preston Powell at Pacers, a endurance running exercise that gets progressively more difficult. Her standing record is 47 laps. I prefer to swim than run so I only did 17 before I threw in the towel. In the afternoon, Mother Nature decided to give us a nice cooling shower which was greatly accepted by some (ME) and rejected by others.

A game of Soccer 
           Carson Beach is a really cool site. It keeps everyone excited with interesting discoveries at low tide and nice wading water at high tide. We are here all day and would welcome anybody who wants to come down and enjoy the sea, sand and sun. It's a great experience! Just do NOT forget your sunscreen and water. You always want to protect your skin and stay hydrated. Headaches, dizziness and nausea are common signs of dehydration and should not be taken lightly. If you are at Carson or one of our other sites do not skimp on water or sunscreen. This summer is as hot as the winter is cold. Protect yourself from the elements but have fun!
Excited as always,
Ruth Scott

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