Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Who Am I?

Macqueripe Beach 
Hello everybody! It's been a while! My name is Ruth Scott and I'm a rising junior at Boston Trinity Academy.This is my second exciting year at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and it's off to a great start! I am 16 years old and live in Dorchester with my siblings and parents. I am a competitive swimmer for Dolphin Swim Club and the Flaherty Dolphins and I also dabble in varsity soccer. Marine biology has always been an interest of mine with all of the contact I have with water and such so it's great to be back out on the harbor this year gaining more knowledge about my home, Boston. I also got the chance during February break to see some marine animals in the Caribbean. Since my mother is from Trinidad we traveled down to enjoy some sun and get away from Boston's brutal winter. I had a great time hanging out with the animals of the sea and enjoying the warm water. (It is really unbelievable how warm the water is in Trinidad, it's bathing temperature!) If anyone wants to take a trip to the Caribbean, I recommend Trinidad and Tobago. It's a beautiful island paradise with so many cultures mixing together.
Squantum, Quincy (2015)
            We started off the summer with an orientation trip to George's Island (one of my favorites!) It was great to return and see some of my old haunts. Including the infamous David Coffin, I did not go flying at this meeting although it did cross his mind. The parade ground was completely goose free which was mind blowing, that field ALWAYS has geese. We also saw some new passages that I wasn't able to explore last year. Orientation went so well that there are no doubts in how this summer will turn out: FANTASTIC!
           I cannot wait to get to my site and start all the fun. The kids of Boston and the surrounding areas will not know what hit them! Save the Harbor/Save the Bay 2k15 will be AMAZING!
Super excited,
Ruth Scott
the Parade Ground at George's Island, FREE of goose poop!

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