Friday, July 3, 2015

Duty Calls..... Time to Return Home

Circa April 15',  Im the tallest in the picture! (Thats a norm for me)
Hey, Guys! My name, if you did not know, is Ahmed Hassan. This is my fifth summer with the infamous Save The Harbor Save the Bay. A little about myself, I recently turned twenty years old (I'm very old), I am a rising junior at Stonehill College, and also the 2014 Boston Harbor Hero! I look at every summer, since my first year, as an opportunity to give back to the city of Boston that does so much for us that we may sometimes look past. I carry a lot of pride in the work our company does for the water quality of the many cities and towns of Mass, and also the children of the urban communities of Boston we serve. I am an eight year resident of South Boston. My neighborhood, West Broadway Homes, is less than two miles from our Fish Pier office, hence why I call my job my second home and not work. It's always a great pleasure to return to Save the Harbor.

During our first week of work we held a full staff orientation, it was such a great time. While learning all the new faces and trying to remember all the new names I found myself stuck. Being the oldest of eight you'd think I could remember names with leisure. This was not the case. I found myself constantly looking to my left and my right to find the "regulars." You know, Bridget, Amy, Kelly, and so forth. But, due to the fact that I am a veteran, I reached out to the few that may feel a little tense during orientation periods. When we went to Georges Island, with the help of John, an SHE, we instructed our crew on the basics of fishing. I believe spiderman says "with great power comes great responsibility" and with this power instead of calling on people who knew how to fish I volunteered the new comers. The outcome was great!

I couldn't be anymore excited for this summer, or could I? We'll just have to wait and find out!

Catch you later!

-Ahmed M. Hassan

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