Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Great Events

Hello everyone,

I was at two events this week. Both events were at Carson Beach. I had so much fun working these events. In the first event the staff and I were teaching kids how to fish print. For people who don't know what fish print is, it is when you color a fish with paint and after your done  you grab a peace of paper and put it over the fish, then lift up and you got your final results. It was nice seeing kids fish printing with a big smile on there face.

In the second event we arrived with the fish in a pizza box. It was so funny because as soon as we put it down everyone came over think we were give out pizza.  But as soon as we told them there was no pizza a lot of people walked away. So we went on teaching more kid how to fish print. Then people started to come back because they seen how much fun the others were having. 

- Talk to you later
  Richard Marrero

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