Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hello friends of Save the Harbor!

Today we saw three species of birds that I had never seen at Blacks Creek before! I hope they visit again when we have more kids!

The first bird we saw was an osprey. There is an osprey nest structure across the water that the kids had not noticed before, but there is no nest in it. The kids loved hearing about how far the osprey can see, and how far it is willing to fall for its lunch!

Next up, we saw some cormorants drying their wings off. We talked about how heavy water is, and how difficult it must be to fly with wet wings. We know how heavy water is because our buckets get really heavy when we put water in them for the minnows!
Cormorants on a boat!

Finally, we spotted one of my favorite birds- a heron. I am not sure what kind of egret it was, we have several kinds in Massachusetts, but the kids thought this bird was really beautiful! I missed the photo opportunity when the bird was in the green marshes (a really striking image, I'm sad I missed it,) but here he is flying across the sky at the end of the day!
Our elusive egret!

To top it all off, we caught a new kind fish today! This little fish was three or four times as large as the fish we are used to catching, and the returning kids were amazed! Everyone wanted to touch , and I was impressed that the kids listened well and kept the fish under the water as they held it in their hands so it would not be out of water for too long!

Unfortunately, I couldn't tell what kind of fish it was - though I am sure that it is not a goldfish or a guppy! I'll do some research - and let you know what it is as soon as I find out!

First fish, at Blacks Creek! 
That's it for Monday! Until next time!


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