Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Proud To Be An MLK Summer Scholar

 Friday we had our first John Hancock Summer Scholars workshop. I was pretty amazed by how many people were there. It seemed to be over 400 at least . Being a part of this program really means a lot to me . I was born and raised in the city of Boston. I always felt like there needed to be more employment  opportunities for the youth in our community's . To me, education will always be one of the major keys to success . At MLK I think they focus a lot on education. Even though its summer I feel like some of the subjects they teach will prepare me for the next steps in life.

MLK Summer Scholars teach our youth about leadership and how to use and share that leadership with the rest of the youth generation today . Speaking for myself, I am honestly honored to have the opportunity. Growing up I never had anybody to teach me about life skills, or how to set employment goals for myself . I am grateful for having MLK help guide me through this process and step in life. I am grateful to have John Hancock and the MLK Summer Scholars program behind me and helping better my future and also all the youth around the city of Boston .

Mark Rose

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