Sunday, July 5, 2015


Hello everyone, my name is Ian Pederson and this is my first summer with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I live in the Town of Hull, and am a rising junior at Hull High. Living along Nantasket Beach my whole life has made me knowledgeable about life in and on the ocean, and I feel I can put that to use this summer.

A birdnest in the fort walls of George's Island

Wednesday and Thursday of this past week is when I had orientation for the summer. Wednesday starting off with a gloomy morning, filled with dark skies, rain and paperwork. But as the clouds cleared up, it turned into a pretty good afternoon. We went through the layout of George's Island, exploring its dark tunnels and hallways, as well as being given a small crash course in how to properly fish on the island. Thursday was just as interesting. Team 'get-to-know-you' games were first. Partaking in ones such as 'Where the Wind Blows' and 'Ride that Pony'. Then a visit from storyteller Norah Dooley for the rest of the morning. She explained to us what makes a good story, and showed us this through her pirate Mary Read impersonation. The day was then wrapped with a trip to the Childrens's Museum where we talked about what days there would be like.

Norah Dooley as Mary Read

I am looking forward to my summer with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

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