Friday, July 10, 2015

Second Day at Carson

Today at Carson was pretty interesting. A group of young girls found an oyster on the shore while they were clamming. It's pretty awesome considering that you normally neither get to see nor catch oysters in this area of Massachusetts. They were so enthused about it that they asked if they could keep it. Sadly, we had to tell them no because they would be taking it away from its home. They were so happy to find something different on the shores of Carson.
All of us kayaking together this week
Although it was a bit on the chilly side today, Carolyn and Abdi still manage to get themselves out in the kayaks and set out into the waters. Yesterday was a great day to go kayaking. Everyone went out on the water yesterday. For some people in the group it was their first time. Although the arm work was tedious, the view around the shore and seeing different sights in the distance was glorious. Kayaking is definitely something I would love to do again!


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