Friday, July 10, 2015

Ahoy There!

Yesterday the Camp Harbor View fishing club teamed up with the Save the Harbor staff stationed there and hit the harbor for a day of fishing. The kids were extremely excited to get a taste fishing from a boat, a first experience for many of them. Unlike me, many of the campers were successful at catching at least one fish and a few caught several. They learned how to secure weights on the fishing line, how to bait their own hook,  and the importance of releasing the fish that do not fit the requisite length for capture-- an important lesson necessary for the growth and success of the various fish populations.

We were fortunate enough to have Bruce Berman accompany us for our fishing trip. He showed us the insides and outs of the fishing world; which bait yields the best results, which hooks are better for hooking certain fish, and how to bait our own hooks. We were mainly using sea worms for fishing bait and Bruce wanted to prove to us that the worms were nothing to be afraid of, irrespective of their hairy legs and retractable hidden pincers. He used me for his example, placing a worm into the palm of my hand and allowing it roam around! I was able to maintain some type of composure for the children luckily, or else I might have found my way off the boat and into the safety of the harbor.

Maxwilliams Iwuala

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