Friday, July 10, 2015

Camp Harbor View Fishing Trip!

And we're back, with another round of Justin's summer blog!

      So this past Thursday we had a special treat for the Camp Harbor View Fishing Club. They got to go on an all day fishing trip with us, on the one and only Belle of Gloucester, captained by the famous Captain Charlie, with a special guest appearance from Save the Harbor's very own Bruce Berman, who happens to be an expert fisherman. We met up with the kids as they got off the ferry to camp. Half my team rushed to get all our fishing rods ready, while the other half made sure we had all of the fishing club ready to go. As soon as the camp ferry pulled away, Captain Charlie pulled our boat right up to the dock and we got all of the kids on board.
All of us waiting on the dock for Captain Charlie
      As we sailed out to our first fishing spot, First Mate Sam (a Save the Harbor veteran), helped my team and I put flounder hooks on all of the fishing rods. Then we showed the kids what we would be using for bait...sea worms! They were all pretty grossed out at first, but after we showed them how to put the worms on the hook the first time, they all got over it and started putting the sea worms on the hook themselves. Our first catch came a few minute later when one of the campers hooked a black sea bass. It was too small to keep but we ended up catching two more that were big enough to keep by the end. A couple of kids managed to land some skate, which we also threw back. By the end of the day though, every single camper and Save the Harbor staff member managed to land at least one flounder (mine was way too small to keep though).
Me, CAREFULLY tying a hook to a line.

      Eventually we had to bring the kids back to camp, but we didn't send them back empty handed. Every single camper and their club leader got to take home a whole flounder to cook.

The campers and their fish!
This is Justin Warrener, signing off...come back next week for more exciting stories from Camp Harbor View!

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