Thursday, July 9, 2015

So pumped to be back

Hey guys, my name is Esmeralda and this is my second summer working for Save the Harbor/ Save the bay. I was born in Boston, raised in East Boston. Next year I will be a sophomore Exercise Physiology major at Umass Lowell and I absolutely love it there; my plan is to go to graduate school for physical therapy. For the time being though I am beyond excited to be back working with the other staff members as well as several different kids this summer. 

Our two days of orientation were really fun and packed with tons of different things. We went to George's island and did some exploring as well as learned how to tell a story. Being taught how to tell a story sounds a bit strange but it was very interesting thinking about how there are many different approaches on how to tell a good story (I'm not the best story teller so it was pretty helpful). My favorite part of orientation was visiting Georges island because of all the different creepy places that we got to see. Even though I already knew the story of the woman in black I like listening to it being told. it is the perfect combination of a love story, a tragic downfall and creepy ghost ending. I am looking forward to having the opportunity of going on all access to be able to tell someone else that story. As the summer continues I will be talking about my various adventures this summer so keep your eyes peeled for my posts.

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