Thursday, July 9, 2015

Obstacles & Fun at Camp Harbor View!

The first few days at Camp Harbor View were unforgettable! Our second day there we ran into some unexpected obstacles. After showing the kids the crabs we had caught in the floating crate the rope came loose and the crate began to float away.We tried to get a hold of it by using a net but the rope on that broke too. Justin had to jump into the water to get the crate, unfortunately we couldn't retrieve the net.
The fun part was teaching the kids about fish. We specifically taught them about the striped bass we brought along and let them hold it. During fishing club Max taught the kids about cutting up bait and why you want to use the meat. We also pulled up the crab trap, Which had 6 crabs in it! Before we left we put out a lobster trap to pull up tomorrow.

See you soon!
Samantha Bowman

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