Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blacks Creek Where Dreams Come True

At the end of every parking lot...... there's a gate.... that leads off road,,,,,,,to Blacks Creek!
Great Success

Oh man, I have missed this place dearly. Some in the office may remember my dramatic attempt at saving a kickball in this murky water. Some may remember our intense games of kickball on the diamond. Most may remember little Tommy's smile when he finds a horseshoe crab rather than a green crab. Despite differences, Blacks Creek is home to some remarkable, talented, amazing young kids. I've worked this site in the past with some former colleagues Conor Newman, and Tom Rebula. Every year has been a great new experience.

Carolyn being awesome during sign-in
I kickstarted this years programming bright and early Monday morning with Carolyn, a new SHE, and a few JPAs. Carolyn was very enthusiastic about working at Blacks Creek and starting off the summer. Unfortunately, Blacks Creek is one of our smaller sites we work at. Despite its size, the kids still have a blast everytime we meet with them and they enjoy our free summer programming also. There some familiar faces and many new faces. Everyone fit well in our small family there.

During the sign-in period I had the opportunity to meet with many of the children's parents and had the oppurtunity to express our game plan for the summer. All the parents are onboard with our intentions for the summer and gave us some very positive insight on what they may want for their children during the summer. Hey, I mean after all we are a business, so lets get business done!

Its going to be an exciting week!

-Ahmed Hassan

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