Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Children's Bound

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Not all jellies are dangerous

For the past two days we caught about forty to sixty crabs, one or two spider crabs, one baby flounder and about 1 jelly fish. When we first caught the jelly fish we took precautions to make sure it wasn't harmful to anybody. soon after we found out we were able to touch and hold since they were moon jellies, moon jellyfish  produce a sting that may be fatal, the sting of a moon jelly is extremely mild and it not considered dangerous to humans. when we took a closer look at the baby flounder it had both of its eyes on top with all his/her scales on one side while the other side didn't, plus is was very slimy. while the crabs were hard and very interesting.


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our team

Although we have had many tourists who are typically not from around boston, you could notice how thrilled they were to be able to come across our staff to touch crabs, fish and even touch the jellies.The best part is that i got to interact with many kids who loved to fish; they did not want to go after they started all the different attractions we had.Working at the children's museum so far has been quite an experience!
~ Isabella


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