Thursday, July 9, 2015

Start of an amazing summer!

Hey all! It's been an amazing first week at Blacks Creek! Some of the most memorable and funny moments were trying to focus the kids on taking a picture with their crab/fish. After being patient catching that fish, they get so fascinated with the fish, they could care less about the picture. It was really hard  to interrupt their fun to get them to focus and pose for the camera! The kids were super energetic and were really interested in catching minnows and pulling up the crab trap. Some kids would even bring their own personal touch tank and put some of the minnows they found in there. As each day goes by we get more and more kids, some even cancel their sailing class to hang with us and try to catch some fish and crabs. 

Here are some of my photos:

Too focused on the minnow to care about the picture!
Shot of the crab they caught

One the kids holding a minnow

Showing off the minnow!

'Til next time!

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