Monday, July 13, 2015

Taps at Blacks Creek

 Today on our lunch  break, the kids from Blacks Creek really surprised us. Me and Danny decided to play a game of "Taps" while the kids were having lunch. The kids saw us and were interested in playing  and decided to join us. Although the kids did not know how to play the game, they were still eager to play. The game required you to jump high and catch the ball while you're still in the air. It was harder for the kids to do that due to their Height, so we just went along with however they decided to  played. We were not too strict with rules because it was more having fun the playing the game the right way and we just wanted the kids to have fun. They even picked "Taps" over kickball and they said the wanted to play it everyday.
The kids playing Taps (instead of kickball!) with Danny after lunch
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