Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Good Day At The Orientation (introduction)

A Good day At The Orientation
Good morning explorers,
  Last week was a great week with the team of "Save The Harbor Save The Bay". I was excited to be back at save the harbor save the bay because i wanted to experience more about the harbor and get to know new people from different community and talk about how great is going to be this summer. Also, tell them that they will enjoy every second when they step there foot on the harbor islands and other access. At the orientation people was kinda of quiet and shy like they never been around people before but i was trying to keep them awake and excited. At the orientation was fun because we was playing a game called "ride ride that pony", it was fun playing the game that people will enjoy and get to know them if they were shy or quiet or just lazy laugh out loud. My favorite part of the orientation was singing the song called "I'm a fisher man", the song is kind of long but once you start repeating yourself and keep singing the song you will get the hang of it. Some people was kind of lost on the song but they could ask a partner if they could see the writing song or repeat what they say about "I'm a fisherman".
  On June 29th, we went to Georges Island. All the explorers was excited to go because they want to know about the lady in black. If you ladies and gentleman don't know about the lady in black, the lady in black is a woman that was in love with a soldier and she travel all the way to Georges to see her boyfriend but when she travel to Georges she dress herself as a man and not as a woman because people aka. solider don't allow women to see their love ones and join the war on Georges island, so one day the lady in black got caught by another solider and she pulled out a pistol to fire the solider but it back fired and hit her love one so he passed away but when the lady in black wanted to shoot herself she got caught. When they caught her they said she was going to be hang so when they told her that she told all the solider that she wanted to be hang in a dress not in man clothing so they pulled a drape out of the window and it was black so they dressed her and hang her with a drape from the window and that why they call her the lady in black because they see her shadow and her spirit on the island. On the island some of are educator got scared because David told them that they berried her body in a
tunnel on the little room so some people jumped when he was telling the story it was so funny that some of them jump and Mauricio said when he was trying to scare them his neck got stuck so he filled but he still got some of them so it was so funny.

Sincerely, Carlos Garcia    

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