Sunday, July 17, 2016

An Eventful Week on the Sea and the Sand

Hey everyone, it's Emily again! My past few days with Save the Harbor have been especially event-ful: I had many new experiences and met a lot of enthusiastic kids and adults excited to explore the harbor. On Wednesday evening, I got to visit Carson Beach with a group of staff for Ollie's Family Fun Night, where we donned bandannas and eye patches to assist Norah Dooley (alias Mary Read) in collecting stories from attendees. We also ran a fish printing station and hid blue marbles in the sand for the Jet Blue challenge. Kids loved running around looking for these scattered, real-world treasures!

And then on Friday, wrapping up a hot week at the Children's Museum, Jahari made yet another catch: this time, a striped bass! I had baited and dropped the hook into the shaded waters under the boardwalk, then left the pole leaning against the railing. Jahari, ever observant, sprang into action when he saw the line tug taught, and we were all astonished to see what was on the end. A fisherman from Georgia passing by at the time helped us to reel in and then release the striper―but not before I snapped some photos! The kids and families entering the museum at the time now know for sure that there are fish down there; that the harbor is truly alive.

I thought the week couldn't get much more interesting, but then on Saturday I had the chance to go out on Massachusetts Bay Lines' New Boston for the annual Aquapalooza. Hundred of boats―from kayaks to yachts, piloted by people of all ages―gathered round just off Peddocks Island to hear the live music amplified from our deck and soak up the summer sun. People swam and splashed on inflatable floats all around us (my favorite was a giant swan), and on board everyone danced for hours to various genres by three different bands.

It was great to see so many folks enjoying the harbor in so many different ways!

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