Sunday, July 10, 2016

Are You Smarter Than A 9-Year Old?

The start of the summer couldn't have gone better! Even with weather challenges we had an amazing first week! There was one highlight of this week that I'll never forget. Wednesday and Thursday I had the chance to go on All Access where I met some pretty fun kids. Wednesday was hot but I still had a great time playing catch with the kids. Thursday was the day that will always stand out to me. I was walking around the ferry talking to groups when I saw these three kids sitting alone. I walked over there and starting talking to them. One of the kids was so excited to tell me about the history he knew about Pearl Harbor. You see, my new friend Franv (or Frank with a "V" as he told me) had just traveled to Hawaii, where he went to the Pearl Harbor memorial. As a total history nerd I was interested to see what Franv had to say, and to be completely honest, I wasn't expecting it to be so accurate. He explained to me, in detail, the terrible events of that day.
Franv and I sitting on the top- deck of the Provincetown II

After a while Franv and I had taught each other a lot. When I told him some information about Pearl Harbor he didn't know he was fascinated. As our conversation drew to an end he insisted on telling me what he brought for lunch. He pulled out some delicious looking chicken parm with a bread stick. I joked and told him to save me some for the trip home. While I didn't see him on the island I saw him on the way back. He was sitting at a table with his face covered in pasta sauce and a goofy grin on his face. He claimed he looked for me so he could share the leftovers,  I simply laughed and got him some napkins. He told me about his plans for the weekend and all his friends at home. I'll never forget the time a 9-year old had more knowledge than I could have imagined.

Happy Learning!

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