Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back to the sea and sand

Hi everyone,

It's great to know our crew already has some sort of chemistry. I can't wait to meet you guys all individually. My name is Isabella and this is my second year working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and it is a pleasure to see friendly faces and a safe, fun working environment.  I'm also a rising senior at the John D. O’Bryant, just in case you didn't know.
I am honored to be working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay because it gives us an opportunity to explore, engage and give back to our environment!!! Well anyway, recently we had orientation to get to know everyone and explore some of the sites we’ll be working at. We visited the Children's Museum, George's Island and most importantly the pavilion where we will see each other often. Going to George's brings back so many memories, as a child to now. And visiting the Children's Museum reminds me of all the new things I tried my first year. I can not wait to be back and see all the smiles I put on our visitors faces, including the young ones! I'm very enthusiastic about our crew and all the new things we'll do. Thank you for another year working with SHSB.


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