Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rusenny's Intro

Hey there!

My name is Rusenny Abreu and this is my very first year working at Save The Harbor as a Junior Program Assistant. The minute this opportunity was presented to me I was very excited, yet a bit nervous. I've never really been involved in any summer programs or any jobs of this type. I remember coming in for the interview and paperwork and asking myself over and over, "Do I really want to spend my summer working? Is this really for me?" A typical summer for me would be staying home most of the time, doing absolutely nothing, and only going out once in a while because everyone else would have SOMETHING to do over the summer. Learning about this opportunity of working for Save The Harbor was very different for me.

First Day of Orientation
I can honestly say that after the first day of orientation all my doubts about this program began to fade away. I realized that this is more than just a "summer program" or "working." I realized that Save The Harbor was not just a random job about showing up and doing regular tasks, but instead more about learning and experiencing and seizing the opportunities that are going to be presented to us each and every day. It is about pushing yourself to do the things you'll look back on later on, in months, or even years from now, and say "I am so lucky to have experienced this."

First time putting bate on fishing rod
This summer I'm really looking forward to working at Save The Harbor and learning about the environment surrounding it. As teens(speaking for myself especially), we rarely take the time to admire and learn about the environment around us. We don't really get out and enjoy the things that we have, all because we don't realize we have it. Such as the Harbor's beautiful beaches and the different places around it. It is actually exciting and eye-opening to see all the things that the Boston Harbor has to offer and I'm definitely looking forward to an awesome summer!

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