Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back for Round 2!

Hi everyone! I'm Kristen Barry, and this is my second summer working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. Last year I split my time between interning in the office and doing programming on Carson beach. It was my time at Carson working with the youth groups that made me want to come back this summer, as I am now working at our Camp Harbor View site. I went to school in Maine and studied biology, which is what peaked my interest in Save the Harbor's work. Not only the beach conservation aspect, but also the work that SHSB does with youth programs in the Boston area is exciting to me and I was eager to get started. In my free time, I like to spend time outdoors whether it be swimming, hiking, biking, or running. This past year I taught middle school biology, and really enjoyed working with the kids as they learned more about the environment and how the world around them worked. 
Day 1: Fishing Club

I'm hoping that this knowledge will help me to get the kids at Camp Harbor View not only excited about the fishing club that we have, but also the experiments that we are running on the Long Island beach this summer. I am excited to see the the kids find the results of our invasive species tests as well as our tide visual. This week we will start setting up the orange rocks, and soon they will become a staple on the beach there. The kids are already chatting about what might happen with sand erosion, and I am excited for them to continue the conversation all summer. Keeping the kids engaged and explaining why this is relevant to the geography of Camp Harbor View will prove to be something that our team is excited to continue. 

Stay tuned for more!

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