Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Daynaja Introduction

I'm so glad that I'm back with Save The Harbor Save The Bay this year. I had a great time last year & met so many new people that I could really call my friends. This year I met some more great people coming back for my second year. I see so many old faces and new faces but I can't wait to work with everyone and see different sites. For our 3 day orientation of fun, we got to play Ride That Pony & Where The Wind Blows. We also went to George's Island & heard a scary story about the lady in black. On the last day we went to Carson Beach & got to hang out with all the safe from STHSTB staff & we got free laptops. During orientation I met two new people Kent and Edward, who both work with me at Blacks Creek. Kent loves to draw & is very artistic.

My name is D and this is my second year here at Save The Harbor Save The Bay. I'm so glad I'm back working at Blacks Creek. I have seen so many faces that I remember from last year, and we also have many new faces that I'm going to get to know for the summer. This is one special little girl I'm going to miss and her name is Autumn, I really hope that she comes back this year for Save The Harbor because she lights up my day everyday I see her. I'm so excited to be back and ready to have lots of fun.

~Daynaja D.

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